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Full Deal Summary

Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc. obtained from the Regents of the University of California an exclusive license covering rights in all fields of use to a patent family related to ischemic stroke.

Specifically, the university's IP (with pending patent applications in the US, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, and Europe) claims a method of improving recovery in ischemic stroke patients by administering stem cell-derived oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPCs). The company will use the IP to study the efficacy of its own Phase I/IIa severe spinal cord injury (SCI) candidate AST-OPC1 in other neurological indications. AST-OPC1 is made up of OPCs manufactured using the company's pluripotent embryonic stem cell platform. Initial tests of AST-OPC1 in a rodent model of white matter ischemia were conducted in collaboration with UCLA's Thomas Carmichael, MD, PhD, whose research is focused on identifying mechanisms of stroke recovery through the study of cells and molecules that repair the brain after stroke. Asterias' ongoing clinical studies following AST-OPC1 transplantation in models of both thoracic and cervical SCIs have demonstrated this cell line has many beneficial reparative functions, including restoration of myelin coating on nerve cells; production of factors that stimulate nerve cell growth; recruiting blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the injury site; reducing the size of the injury cavity; and significantly improving walking function. The company hopes the licensed IP will enable it to develop its candidate for additional neurological indications. Asterias has initiated testing of AST-OPC1 in a second preclinical model of subcortical and white matter ischemia.

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Deal Information

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Deal Industry Biotechnology
Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy
Deal Status Final
Deal Type Alliance
R+D and Marketing-Licensing
Latest Phase at Time of Deal Clinical Development
Phase II

Product Information

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Product 1 of 2
Product Type Pharmaceutical
Lab Code AST-OPC1
Highest Phase at Time of Deal Clinical Development
Phase II
Product Therapeutic Area(s) of Focus Neurology, Nervous System
Ischemia (CNS)
Spinal cord

Product 2 of 2
Product Type Technology
Product Therapeutic Area(s) of Focus Neurology, Nervous System
Ischemia (CNS)
Licenser Name University of California
Clinical Developer Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.
Licensee Name Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.
Carveouts for Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.
Territories Licensed Worldwide (All) (Exclusive)