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Full Deal Summary

Mission Therapeutics Ltd. is teaming up with AbbVie Inc. in the research and preclinical development of specified deubiquitylating (DUB) enzyme inhibitors for treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Both firms will collaborate in the research phase to identify DUBs. AbbVie can then opt to licensed exclusive rights to develop and commercialize any compounds against up to four selected targets. AbbVie will pay Mission an up-front license fee and Mission is also eligible to receive success-based milestone payments and royalty payments for each commercialized product. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are caused by the accumulation of misfolded toxic proteins in the brain. DUBs play a key role in helping to keep cells healthy by regulating the degradation of the proteins. AbbVie and Mission seek to create new therapies that can break down and prevent the accumulation of those toxic proteins. There are currently no treatments for preventing AD or PD. The deal excludes Mission’s existing USP30 and USP10 DUB programs.

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Deal Information

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Deal Industry Biotechnology
Large Molecule
Deal Status Final
Deal Type Alliance
R+D and Marketing-Licensing
Includes Royalty or Profit Split Information
Latest Phase at Time of Deal Research

Product Information

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Product 1 of 1
Product Type Pharmaceutical
Mechanism of Action Deubiquitylating enzyme inhibitors
Highest Phase at Time of Deal Research
Product Therapeutic Area(s) of Focus Neurology, Nervous System
Cognition, Memory
Alzheimer's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Licenser Name Mission Therapeutics Ltd.
Clinical Developer AbbVie Inc.
Licensee Name AbbVie Inc.
Carveouts for AbbVie Inc.
Territories Licensed Worldwide (All) (Exclusive) (Option)