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"Developing Effective Quality Agreements" Special Report

Take action now to avoid the frustrations and horrors of miscommunication with your suppliers by purchasing the Special Report on Developing Effective Quality Agreements.

You've probably heard the supply chain horror stories: people dying in surgery from cartilage mixed into heparin anticoagulant; children killed by cold remedies sweetened with diethylene glycol; millions sickened by their medications because of chromium from scrap leather used to make the gelatin capsules.

But there are also more common frustrations: Millions of dollars worth of drug product batches discarded or recalled because suppliers changed production processes without alerting their customers or allowed variation in the ingredients they produce to compromise product stability.

The financial and legal consequences can be severe. The regulatory scrutiny can be intense. But you can avoid such consequences by developing effective supplier quality agreements. The Special Report on Developing Effective Quality Agreements explains in clear, straightforward language:

  • How quality agreements benefit you
  • How they should relate to supply agreements
  • The role of due diligence
  • What agreements should say on quality assurance, documentation, dealing with FDA and auditing
  • What agreements should say about testing, cleaning, complaint and recall procedures
  • How much oversight is appropriate
  • Key factors in negotiating agreements
  • Enhancing awareness
  • Minimizing inconsistencies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Other considerations

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Congratulations on taking steps now to prevent supply chain tragedies by purchasing this Special Report on Developing Effective Quality Agreements.

No refunds will be given for reports.


Price: $149

Purchase the Special Report with a credit card from our secure online store and receive an immediate download of the report in PDF format.